October 4, 2011

crew cuts

Another reason to love J.Crew.
Available now for download is this cute "Make Your Own Halloween Mask"
Go get your crayons!

August 2, 2011

skipping town

I wish all our days were like this (minus the fever Eva was running).  Skipped town, drank our weight in coffee, build sand castles, and took naps on the beach. 

Back in the real world, we've been busy busy busy, hence me being MIA over here.

A few things I am loving right now:

this has done wonders for my damaged locks.

my camera needs this.

reading some classics I have never read yet.

catching up on curb

having a iced coffee seriously everyday.

June 24, 2011


Some lovely friends of ours came over last weekend and did a little shoot with us.  They are a cute husband&wife photography team and were so pleasant to hangout with (too bad they live far away in Fresno). They do amazing work! You can check out more (better ;) pictures from our shoot on their site idrop photo and many of their others... Highly recommend using them if you are in Sacramento/Central Valley area (as they like to travel).

p.s. it's crazy how fast the kiddos grow (and how much we change)! compare to another fun little shoot we did almost 2 years ago by this superb lady. Although not too much, I still reach for my black skinny's and floral blouse. HA! Dang it.

June 17, 2011

store update

There are few new things in the shop.

 Plus kids items COMING again SOON!

June 7, 2011

We made a little trip to SF last week. Spend the day wondering around the city enjoying the gorgeous day and finished it off with Neon Indian and Sleigh Bells at the Independent. I didn't take any pictures there, especially regret not snapping one of Alexis Krauss (of sleigh bells) at the bar across the street before the show. Oh wells. It was a great show! One thing I will add, Neon Indian's performance made a much bigger fan of them out of me, which I wasn't expecting.

Two more things about that trip:
1] Typically I am not a fan of red, but THIS is my favorite thrifted red sweater of the moment. I have been wearing it a lot.
2] We had some good ass coffee from the blue bottle. They give you seltzer water to chase your espresso, that's just classy :) Also, they have been featured on the makers project so we had to try it and- it was JUST LOVELY .

We then occupied ourselves with celebrating Eva's 6th birthday. It was a WHOLE weekend of spoiling, that girl is loved by many.

If you ask her, she'll say her favorite part of the party was opening presents (whose isn't when its them that's getting presents!) She did get some amazing things (including this and this and this, which were among some of my favorites) Thanks to all our dears that were there to help us celebrate!

p.s. A few more things I am currently obsessing over:

this Alexander Wang bag 

this frozen treat that I literally have everyday (except I substitute raw almond butter)

stylenanda via knightcat

this bow, I know! I never thought I would either! But I tried it on and kind of love it.

and the latest and greatest from TJ's! 

May 25, 2011

mean bank lady

The story goes like this: Eva set up a bank/teller windows in the living room while I was washing the dishes...

Eva: If you don't come check on your account I am going to take some of your money away!!!

Me: I am at work right now and I'll stop by the bank once I get off.

Eva: You're at work?! WHO is your boss?

Me: dishes...  Mr. Dish is my boss' name.

Eva: haha! Mr. Dish?! That's funny!!! Is that your job to stand around and tell jokes all day?

(this has been another installment of (bleep) my daughter says)

At one point I was hired as a teller and when Tessa came over to my 'window' to sit on my lap Eva looked over and said, "ummm...I can't let you work like that."