March 24, 2010

in case you were wondering

if any of you have gotten close enough to see the state my eyebrows are in at the moment; don't be alarmed. I know.

Hence the bangs in my eyes to hide em a little. I have tried several times to let them grow out like these two beauties here and I have to say I think I am the closest I have ever been. Resisting the tweezer is tough business.




  1. hang in there! been there . my suggestion for once they grow out is do it yourself because you know exactly what you're going for. i had someone do mine when i grew them out (a pro) because i was going for that too, but they shaped them all cute and small, just like they were in the beginning. anyways. you're prolly sick of me commenting on almost every post, hehe. i missed the last one - just to give you a break.

  2. i was gonna say...:)