March 23, 2010

naked (not for the weak hearted)


naked coffee is my favorite these days, and how convenient that they are now just a block away? a little too convenient.

Since we have been working hard setting up shop, we have also been making lots of these naked inspired drinks to keep up with these hard times.

Karoac: 4 shots of espresso, 2-3 table spoons of condensed milk, handful of ice.


Make 4 shots of espresso and pour into a jar, or something that you can put a spill free lid on.

Drop 2-3 table spoons of condensed milk into the jar.

Add a handful of ice and place the lid on. Give it a good shake, until you can see that the contents are well mixed.

I like to leave it in the jar to have it on the go, or pour into a glass. Whenever my husband makes these for me, he throws in coffee beans on top, it looks pretty.

(Only recommended for serious coffee drinkers.)

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