March 4, 2010

New Zipcode

I am super excited to be moving soon. I love our current place (which I'll pay a special tribute to here eventually) but for now I can't help but plan and re-plan all the furniture arrangements and decor ideas for our new nest. Like usual I want to change EVERYTHING. But I won't be, at least not all at once. I am a very slow kind of eclectic as it turns out. I want all things in my house to be loved, big or small, and so my collection grows slowly, thoughtfully. This new place wont have as much character built in and so I feel like the possibilities will be endless. Plus! Paint. I can paint.

I am dying for these curtains. UO.

I am also loving this look for the bedroom.


Pretty much want my little girls to live in this room here.

You know, I was never a big fan of bunk beds for the kiddos. I guess because growing up in a small flat in St. Petersburg Russia and being placed into the rotation for the bunk bed with all the other siblings straight out of the crib never really gave a chance for personal space. But I am getting the functionality of them, and well, this look is winning me over.


Oh. Can't wait.


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  1. I am so glad you are blogging! You have so much beautiful creative energy - I can't wait to read about all the things you love & imagine.

    -- Kari