March 15, 2010

spring cleaning

Have you had your cup of tea today?

The evenings are still pretty chilly around here and it seems as if I have been drinking my weight in tea to keep warm. I LOVE the fuji green tea from Tea Cozy. And I am all out right now. Sad.

A little weekend update:
Circled Clotheirs made their debute at 2nd Saturday. Love their Lookbook. So excited for them!

I spent way too much time at the antique fair, browsing. Warmer weather brings out so many more dealers and so many more people. Next time I think I will just walk over there, because parking was ridiculous.

This week will be a pretty busy one, I am getting to feel a bit stressed. Just so much to do. There are things to catch up on, and organize, and pack. But I am getting the spring cleaning out of the way at the same time, good right? I am pretty excited about a certain little something though, that I will announce about later on this week!

Stumbled upon this 14-year old Photographer from Vietnam and think that her photos are simply beautiful. So I leave you with these...






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