March 21, 2010


and so we moved.

so long 2215 P St. You were good to us. Vintage Wedgewood gas range, I will miss you most.


Not that we went too far, a whooping 7 blocks. But still. Its been a crazy busy weekend. We are all loving the new place.

The husband is doing a late night run to Target for some shower curtain rings because after all he has to go to work and we can't go on without a functioning shower any longer. So, of course, I get on here to check out what kind of shower curtains Target is selling these days, while he is there maybe he will pick 'em up?

Today he and I have been taking turns going to the old place and cleaning, and thus taking turns at some good ol' quality time with the munchkins. I think they had a little more fun with me this afternoon/evening, but thats just me.

We have a little balcony adjacent to the kitchen which you could only get to through a window and so we kicked out the screen and threw down a blanket and had a lovely dinner/picnic out there while watching the cars go by down below. It felt like we were in a treehouse.

Go here and listen to their treehouse song, it was one of my favs some time ago...

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  1. So glad you are loving your new place. We would love to come visit after you are settled. Miss you guys.