April 12, 2010

send it with love

Coupla things:

Made a little getaway to Berkeley over the weekend. Picked up a few little things for projects from stores that are only found there, and (of course) got inspired to add a few more projects to the list. I absolutely cant resist anthropology. Although the clothes isn't totally my thing, they do manage to pull off ah-mazing displays. They should put a book together. Seriously.

Picked up some cardigans for muh girls. I melt at the kids stuff AA has. Dude, how cute are these leggings?

Regret not grabbing those...

I feel like we brought the bay weather back with us, its been raining and super cold. So we are building forts and the place smells like a coffee shop, keeping cozy inside.

I'm heading over a few tabs to order my curtains and rug right now! I love love love getting things in the mail.

It would be nice to receive these little treasures as well:

Selby Book

I know, I know. I already have a pair of vintage saddle shoes. But these are oh so much cuter. They are a lot more feminine so I could wear them with a dress. Please?


These cute nesting dolls measuring cups, from Anthro.


next time...


  1. I think I am going to order the book today! I'll share!!!

  2. hey! you already have saddle shoes! you should invest into more clothing, particularly tops, so that i get to wear them when you're over them for a bit :))))

  3. Why are they arresting that little girl?! Oh my gosh!