April 3, 2010

small achivements

Few things I was all about this week:

1] Completing some things off the do to list:
Put up the frames. Hopefully they stay up. I only say that because I used this adhesive sticky tape stuff on some of the frames and reeeeaaaallly tried to stretch the small amount of it I had to work with. Please stay.

Here is our first attempt at a terrarium, its still alive, thank you very much.

And Eva planted our (at home) herbs, and is checking them everyday to make sure they have enough water.
Its fun to grow things.

2] On the whole herb note; this week I have been all about cilantro. Throwing an unreasonable amount of it on everything. Its just so good.

3]John Lennon. Because his lyrics are just a bit more kid friendly than ol' Bob Dylan.

4] Getting oh so close to breaking out the sewing machine and sewing some pillow cases. The sunroom/work space is almost cleared out of the remainder boxes. Mostly thanks to husband for that one.

5] Searching the internet for that birch tree wallpaper. No wheres to be found. I think I will have to settle for lining the shelving with either news paper or making my own wall paper out of pages from an old book. It will be a little more time consuming, but then again, it will be repurposing and I like that.



6]Easter candy. ALL ABOUT IT.

We dont really have any Easter traditions yet for the kiddos. Because we suck and I am not super keen on the consumer driven Easter holiday cheer that is the standard, you know?

We will be definitely having a special 'spring' breakfast. And chocolate egg candy will some how be involved. There will also be a trip to the farmers market for some eggs and red onion, and egg dying the ol' russian way, before we head over to spend the rest of the day with extended fam.

I loved the post Serious Eats did about which part of the chocolate Easter bunny do you eat first. Which later sparked some controversy as some people (I guess...) have a phobia about eating any kind of food that looks like an animal.

No problem here, if its chocolate.
And ears first, of course.


The one sweet thing that comes out around this time of year that I could really do without is PEEPS. And how far some people go with them...


peeps sushi? peeps on pizza?

(sorry if you are a fan)

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