May 23, 2010

happy happy

we're kicking in our 7th year of the whole married thing today.
conveniently we were at a wedding last night and snapped this picture (thanks Ryan)

I love l o v e this one!
He's really pretty much the best husband ever. Happy anni to us! We are celebrating with a little trip to the bay area. Super excited. The short people will hang out with grandma. So overdue, let me tell ya.

We're staying at the Good Hotel. (the first for us, so we'll see...) But its pretty close to just about everything and looks fun.
I cant wait to get my latte and scone from Tartine's! Also on the list: Russian bakery and our favorite thai place. Bundling up and sitting at the beach and walking around the streets aimlessly.

Good times to come!


  1. Hello deary! Happy anni to you both! You are our most favorite ol' couple by a long shot! Sounds like it will be a grand ol' time:-)

  2. Sounds lovely. Enjoy!! I will miss you.

  3. Enjoy your time together and happy 7th years of marriage. Love you both!