May 25, 2010

let me tell ya.

I am trying to figure out this whole blogging thing, right? hence the little changes here and there every so often. I will keep doing that, just so you know, until I am a little more proud of it.

So. A few big announcements! As you will see to the right, my first attempt at an etsy shop. Its in the very beginning stages, as I am quickly learning that it takes a little more effort and time than I originally thought. Anywho, there are a few items listed, but there is many more coming, and once those babies are up I will be making a little bigger deal about it. Buuuut, since the link is now up, you are welcome to wander over there and take a peak.

Also, I am a (soon to be) co-contributor to the suitcase collectiv etsy shop. You should check it out yo! Beautiful people making some beautiful things.

Last Sunday we planted our first garden! I wanted to go out today and snap some pictures of it to share, but its all rainy outside. Delicious noise shared some photos from our planting day, so you know. Pretty proud of us!

Nows all I need is this cook book.

I took a glance at it the other day and I just NEED to have it. I am pretty unhappy with my pathetic current cookbook collection, this one would definitely get some use, unlike the other ones. The recipes looked so simple and easy and all things I like.

Another announcement. Husband got me a bike! It needs lots of work but he is putting in the time and custom building it for me. He's the greatest really. Can't wait until its ready!

I've been coming upon all things fox, since the short person's fifth birthday is shaping out to be fox themed. Having such a pretty print hanging around wouldn't hurt...


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  1. That cookbook sounds fun, and congrats on the shop!