June 8, 2010

jars of regret

I've been saving our jars from everything. My husband kept asking me what I intend on doing with them and I kept telling him that I wasn't sure yet, but something AMAZING. The box under the sink where they were carefully treasured was getting a little full and so I decided to finally soak them peel off the labels and use 'em for something. It all turned out to be quite the process, our sink being small and the number of jars being big. To occupy the girls I gave them the lids to play with which were a hit for like 10 minutes, and then deserted all over the house. So as I found them in all sorts of places for the next couple of days I trashed them. OH how I wish I didn't now!

Number 1: This little project! How easy and lovely. I could have made a whole garland out of the jars and some christmas lights had I still had the lids!

Number 2: I could have at least stacked the jars while they are in the freezer. Some are currently being used to store some sangria-ready-brandy-soaked-fruit left overs from my muchkin's fifth birthday party.


Just add the club soda and you're good to go. So what that it's 1:00 in the afternoon and instead of my coffee pick me up I had me some sangria?


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