June 13, 2010

lazy sunday

This little booger is going on night number 2 of sleep over heaven at cousins house. The house was so quite today with her away.

It caused me to ask Alex if we could get a dog when we get old and the girls are moved out to have someone to take care of. He said no. I asked, because you don't want a dog, or because you don't want the girls to ever move out? He said both.


Good thing we still have what... at least 20 years to figure the logistics out.

On the other hand Tessa has gotten away with making a mess of quite a lot of things because I just feel like she is lonely without her older sister and she has to come up with things like taking down all the board games and emptying ALL the boxes of their contents for entertainment. Oh Tess, no no no.

Visited Naked for coffee twice today. Went to the antique fair, which turned out to be a bit disappointing. Husband made lovely lunch.Veggie wraps with boiled egg. (Nice touch.) And took a swim. I really dont do well in the heat, so the pool in the back will be a frequent spot this week as it is promised to be toasty. Lazy lazy.

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