June 21, 2010

rum and coke

Agh. You don't need me to tell you, weekends are quite nice.

And we had a lovely dad's day weekend folks. We started off with Micmacs, if you haven't watched this movie yet and are a fan of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's films like Amelie, I am pretty sure you'll like this too...

Some local bands played at the Town House. Loved SEA OF BEES, but of course, Doom Bird and John Vanderslice was pretty goot too. A fun show.

Alex got taken out to an Ethiopian restaurant he's been asking for a long time for on Father's day. It was quite tasty. The little ones were good sports about trying the new cuisine. They loved the appetizer wraps with split peas. YUM. We recommend this place.

And of course we consumed lots of cuba libres.

The to do list for this week is: shadow portraits, black board for the munchkins room, and 'wall paper' for my living room shelves. I hope to share as those come to their finished state. Hold me accountable oh you internet.


  1. Can't wait to see that movie!! I has been added to my Netflix!

  2. Hi Olga!! Thanks for this little movie reco!!