July 30, 2010

stretching my dollar

If I go into a vintage boutique 10bucks for an item on sale seems SO cheap. But then I go into a thrift store and I am contemplating over a pair of shorts for 99cents for a half hour. Seriously? The mind game. I bought two pairs of such said shorts and have been wearing them non stop, actually. They are loose fitting and have the wide elastic band, so so comfy. Both have side pockets, "that's a deal breaker ladies".




There you have it, my $2.50 complete ensemble.

I am a bit taken back by the lovely weather we have been having. I was preparing myself for a much hotter summer, which has turned out so so mild. These two have been loving it too, because it means park time anytime.


I know!


  1. great finds! Tessa looks so old! :)

  2. When and where was I for those?! Jk. Did Eva lose some teeth?!

  3. cutest little kids. wow.

    i love buying something really cheap and then wearing it until nate starts hiding it from me.
    or throws it away.
    he doesn't do that anymore... because i killed him one day for doing that.

    btw we're moving to nyc, so you have 1 month to come visit us here in LA before we move. i'm inviting you (& your fam.) (as in, those 2 cute kids and their dad...and aleksey, lol. jk.)
    and leeza too, incase she see's this comment. (lol)

    but seriously.

    oh, and glad you liked our songs.
    we're gonna try and put up a few more, in the next couple days.

  4. i think thats the most I have ever used smiley faces. EVER.HAHA.

  5. Oh wow! You have mentioned you are moving but not to NYC! Again with the misleading Liska :) How fun for you guys! We would so so love to come and visit you two before you go! We'll have to see what we can cook up about that ;)