August 12, 2010

it was just meant to be.

ok how often, really, does this happen?

I mentioned these clogs on here a few weeks ago, and yesterday when I walk into a trading store I run into these babies?



In my size, hardly worn, super comfy, 12bucks. End of story.

This is also my most favorite outfit right now.  A super lightweight tank top from UO that I got probably 3 years ago and trousers gifted to me by a very lovely friend.

Remember that weird metal guy statue outside a gift shop on L and 21st? Well that store is long gone and in its place is Freestyle Trading Company.  They just opened up!

They also sell and buy vintage clothing, which Crossraods doesn't do.

Anyway. Its a pretty sweet location. I wish I would have bought that place and opened up my gluten free bakery/coffee shop. It would of been perfect because its a place I could have the line going out the door and around the corner.


Check em out.


  1. OMG those are so cute I could just DIE! I didn't know they opened a freestyle in dt! So overdue:-) good for them.

    Did u spot any in a 9.5 by chance?!

  2. Im at school and I've been clicking back to your blog so I could see those cute pics of your outfit. Creeper.

  3. those are so cute!! I wish we wore the same size!

  4. Lizka- I just found out about the store too! They are looking to stock up their racks so... if you want to get rid of some of Wes' stuff, you know where to go... and of course I am always on the look out for some clogs for you in your size. I am. seriously.

    James- me too! :)

  5. HaHa! that was my comment not James! I didn't notice he was logged in!!!!