October 1, 2010

everything illuminated

Don't you just hate it when you buy something pricey thinking you can't live without it only to bring it home and find that you don't love it as much as you did in the store fitting room? (Its that great lighting and mirrors!) And worse if you bring it home and wear it but then after a while you realize that initial obsession and belief that you will keep it forever and EVER is totally gone, and the price you paid will never be redeemed from the garment after all. Oh and then the guilt! Haha. Happens (I mean happened) to me too often ... and that's what I am currently telling myself about this cloak...

But you know whats even better? Buying something ridiculously cheap and loving the garment even more when you bring it home. You just can't beat it. I have a few items just as such said to break out this weekend as we travel to a few colder weather destinations. Looking forward to layering and actually needing to wear close toe shoes.

Happy weekend ya'all!


  1. At least this kind of jacket can double as a blanket too! Plus I think it's super cute :)