October 26, 2010

I fought the very non fall bright warm sunshine yesterday by wearing a hat and pulling on a fake cardigan. Its fake because its lace and provides no warmth at all. I miss layering so much and this thing is perfect for it even on the warmest of days.

And I have been craving pumpkin everything ever since the first drizzle of rain. So last night I made some pumpkin cookie batter! I didn't have all the ingredients to make the glaze that goes on top so the batter is in the freezer, but I did bake a sample batch and have already sampled one to many, I know I know! They are just so good, melt right in your mouth.

I have the best little family, have I mentioned that? Lately we have had a little quality time overload since we have all been sick and then sick some more, but you know as hard as it is in all of our crankiest moments, I really really really like being around them.

Tessa has been ridiculously amusing since she has started talking. Her vocabulary seems to multiply by the minute and between her and Eva they are a force to be reckoned with.

Here is the latest inside family joke:

Alex and I were surprised to find out that what we thought Tessa was saying "Chuck Norris" is actually "tag you're it!" Wow. Thanks Eva for decoding that one! Now when the girls want us to chase them around the house Eva says, "lets play Chuck Norris!" even though she has no idea what/who the heck that is.

Speaking of "what the heck" that's another phrase Tessa picked up, we thought it was funny when Eva says it, but it is HILARIOUS when Tessa says it! I tried to record it but instead caught them singing. This is a very rare occasion as they DO NOT like to be recorded singing for God knows I've tried, and here what do you know, Tessa and Eva busting Castledoor's Shouting At Mountains. Notice how Tessa leads Eva into the "dream, dream, dream." Haha!

P.S. It is hard work to upload a video to the blog! (or is it just me?!)


  1. Great singing girls! Do you take requests? If so I'd like to hear some Noah And The Whale.

  2. That is so hilarious, "chuck norris!!" Thanks for posting that!!! I love them so much

  3. Oh my goodness. That made my morning. You do have a lovely family. Thanks for sharing with us.