October 16, 2010

where no cars go

2 weeks ago we went and saw Arcade Fire at the Greek in Berkeley. Amazing! I would totally pay to see the same exact show again in a heart beat.

I really do need to get into the habit of taking along our camera (as lame as it is) and taking more pictures, I never remember to at the moment I should, ya know?

So, I like looking at this picture and tell myself my roots aren't THAT bad. Haha. I did buy a similar hat the other day (with the same intentions). Not to worry guys, the problem should be fixed next week. And then I am promised a fake perm! Actually I have been searching for tiny foam curlers to try and just do it myself for a look similar to this:

Any idea where I could find some? I tried Target and Ulta with no luck. I did come across some at a thrift store but something in me just couldn't let myself buy used foam curlers from a thrift store, and besides there wasn't even enough for me to do the whole head...(that I think was probably the real reason I didn't buy them).

It's going onto week two for us of taking care of little sicklings, Tassa just started her turn with the cold a couple of days ago, so I forsee at least a few more days of being anchored at home. So sad to see the little ones sick! Although Tessa's raspy voice is also really really cute!

Its just the worse to spend a weekend like this when the weather is nice for picnics outside or trips to apple hill. Hoping to knock out some projects over the weekend, I'd typically wouldn't have a chance to get around to...

Came across this and I really want to DIY this sweatshirt:

Seems simple enough right?

photo: style.com & Vanessa Jackman


  1. http://www.amazon.com/HAIRART-Regular-Short-Concave-Diameter/dp/B000EVGPNG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1287281502&sr=8-2

    perm rollers!
    funny, i've actually been wanting to do a real perm, and completely destroy my hairs.

  2. um...ok I really want to do that sweatshirt with you...since I don't have a sewing machine. AND the fact that I like off-the-shoulder a little bit.