November 1, 2010

merrily picking

I look forward to visiting Apple Hill every fall and I love how this is becoming a family tradition for us (because we have very few).

Tessa took this pony ride very seriously, it was hard to tell if she was enjoying it or not, she had such a stern expression the entire time. Riding a pony when I myself was little was always such a fond memory for me that Tessa didn't really have much choice she was going to RIDE IT.

Eva on the other hand, a natural.

I like to say that we are doing all these things for the kids, but truthfully I enjoy them just as much as (I hope) they do. We absolutely had to go and feed some farm animals. I am still not quite sure why llamas are kept on farms, but I think they are very interesting animals, with their huge eyes and camel like faces.

Hence, I channelled llama's hair for the day.

Many of the farm owners we chatted with complained that the frost earlier in the season killed most of their crops. So there wasn't a huge variety to choose from but we got to pick some Granny Smiths. We have a good size bag, I think we'll make some caramel apples later in the week.

I like going to the smaller less popular farms and buy produce, you know THAT'S the way to buy produce; going to the actual farm and getting it from the hands that grew it, not from Target.

We ended the day with catching the last few rays of sun by the lake.

It was so peaceful. Just how we like it.


  1. LOL - tesska! i love that little chicken!

    looking at your pics made me think of when eva will be our age and look through old photos thinking "dang, my ma was actually...pretty trendy. i wish she kept that sweater! and i actually kind of really like her hair!"

  2. Love the one of you and Tessa on the bench! Love these!

  3. Eva's hair! I haven't seen it like that yet. So cute.