November 28, 2010

so here we are

I have been reconnecting with my russian roots and drinking my weight in tea (it is icy cold outside!) Kind of craving a bowl of soul right now (chamomile tea brewed in steamed soy milk + mexican chocolate). We spent the day in the snow yesterday, freezing our a**es off and I think this is the first time I wished our little place in midtown came with a fireplace. I would love to be sitting by a fire right now.  

Along with all the festivities this past week/weekend I have been scheming up this little move over to blogspot and making some additions/changes to the etsy shop. So needless to say, it has been a packed to the brim coupla days.

Here are some of the items that will be added this week ya'alls.

I am a little bit getting tired of my blonde hair, but it took so much work/patience/damage to get my locs here. Maybe its just this in between length that's got me in this rut. And I hate such vain dilemmas. Wish me not to act on impulse here please.

Thanks for being patient with me as I set up at the new site and continue to make little changes here and there.  (Also, figuring out how to bring over my old content?) I already feel blogspot is much simpler, look I even have my etsy mini shop up on the site, take that wordpress. No hard feelings though. Thanks for coming along lovelies. 

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