November 11, 2010


I recently wrapped up a little project with ThinkHouse Collective. ThinkHouse, first of all is an idea born of some beautiful people that have a heart for creativity, the local community, and empowering (pretty much every) individual they know. They are the first I heard about co-working from and what they currently have in the works I think is pretty great. Even if you aren't self employed/work from home this place is worth checking out just for how awesome the space is! Eva has said that she likes to go there after school to color but if not work from there I would at least like to live there one day thanks.

Got some sewing in and reupholstered a couple of chairs for them. It was a lot of fun and got me all antsy about changing it up at our own place. I am sitting in our rearranged living room now. I love rearranging furniture, redecorating on a budged (haha).
Watching bad tv. Adding a few more items to ol' etsy. Feeling a little like a sell out, or something don't know need some constructive criticism maybe... anywho, learning process. Shop till you drop.


  1. Love love love!!! It's about dang time you put some good stuff (that you didn't even let me wear yet btw - I know coming from a hypocrite I know) up.