December 5, 2010

john lennon and yoko ono

we watched a john lennon documentary the other night and i am growing pretty obsessed with this legendary couple. they are so inspiring, from their story to their style.  and i am a little surprised (although thinking about it i shouldn't be) there is quite a lot of movies made about him/them. i am looking forward to watching a few more and making my girls watch these to teach them some u.s. history (once they are a bit older of course). 

eva's favorite lennon song: power to the people.  

images found on google.


  1. Which Lennon documentary did you watch? My fave is Imagine.

  2. we watched LennoNYC, which if you haven't seen already i DONT recommend to you, b/c you'll want to move there even more and just grow more bitter about it. Imagine is on my list.


    We listened to this piece on NPR on Nov. 27. It was really good.

    It has lots of Beatles and John Lennon music, people's recollections of his life & death, and tape from the interview he was giving the day he was killed.

  4. thanks matt, that does sound very interesting.