December 21, 2010

merry making

 our tree.

i absolutely love all the options/inspirations out there for a 'green' christmas tree vs. a traditional live one. we long ago decided that in our tradition to celebrate joy and life at christmas, we wouldn't do it by killing any trees. i must be quick to confess that our potted christmas tree from last year (that we planned to re-plant once it got too big) did not survive the hot summer (eek) and thus we did kill ONE. golly. 

images via desingsponge, delysiastyle, and google 

See, its easy to be festive and save a tree, do it next year! 

i'll be wrapping presents tonight! 

Merry Christmas to you. 


  1. hey thanks for letting me borrow your selby book! and your tree is beautiful :)

  2. love the branches in your tree, and the stockings, and your daughter...and and everything!

  3. Beautiful "tree" I love how to stockings are hung too!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic