January 25, 2011

dandelion, as in i looked like one.

we attended a 1920's themed mystery dinner party over the weekend. 
i loved the movie "Clue" growing up, between my sister and I, we could probably recite the entire thing. this kind of reminded me of it, the party was lots of fun and proved once again that i am not good at solving murder mysteries. 

lizka fake permed my hairs, so i just had to share these
(stolen from jeannine

and this one stolen from robert
and this one stolen from jess.
sorry if you already seen 'em on f*book. 
i know, i need to bring my own camera. 

January 20, 2011

kind of missing my dark hairs. 

and you betcha this is cropped from a group picture at a russian gathering 
(does that explain it?)

January 17, 2011


thats some genius layering if you ask me.
i think i just might chime in with all those ready for spring already! 

Are you a fan of the sheer trend? i wasn't at first but i made the crossover and thrifted a sheer skirt a few  weeks back. of course, its been too cold to wear it out, boohoo.
i am in LOVE with this one from Creatures Of Comfort

lovely isn't it?

January 5, 2011

number 1

new years resolutions?
i think i will try (again) to grow out my bangs. so.hard.every.time.

January 2, 2011

lets hope its a good one

what can i say that you haven't heard already?
the new year snuck up on us just the same (wink)
we rang in 2011 East Coast Time with the kids
 and thoughtfully reflecting on the year passed.
 West Coast New Years (holla) was brought in with the dearest of friends
and ones that love us best of all.
hope you could say the same.

happy news years to you!!!