January 5, 2011

number 1

new years resolutions?
i think i will try (again) to grow out my bangs. so.hard.every.time.


  1. You should! I would like to try this too after I get tired of my straight across ones :)

  2. lovely! you can do it my lady! so are you going red or what?!

  3. I can't wait to have long hair again:(

  4. Hello!
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    <3 Ashley

  5. I get easily distracted when it comes to my hair...I like your bangs though! Once they start growing out pop a few bobby pins and you'll be good:)

  6. oh gosh. i know how hard this is!
    i made that one of my resolutions but i ended up cutting them back to how they used to be. goodluck! haha

    love your blog & your shop!