April 30, 2011

our saturday

good weather, good friends, good beer, good food, good coffee and a walk at the river with my favorite people

April 29, 2011

little update

We went to Stinson beach last week!
This was the first trip over there this year and we have never been so early in the season. It was p-r-e-t-t-y cold so we didn't last long, but still a nice little day trip.
On our way back we stopped by Fairfax for some coffee and walked into a little vegan/raw restaurant. Fairfax is a small town, and very hippi-like (to me). Anyway, Eva was SUCH a poor sport about the place, she said she couldn't stand the smell and had her nose plugged the whole time (geez), and other than my raw brownie I wasn't too impressed either to be honest. Alex's blin was good but my combo plate of wraps was so so. My friend Liska posts about her raw/vegetarian food ventures and I guess I have become quite inspired subconsciously... I love looking at cookbooks and the last few times I was at the bookstore I found myself looking through more and more raw cookbooks which never really appealed that much to me before... After the restaurant I decided I will try making some of my own stuff, for I was certain I could do a better job (haha)! The other day I finally bought a Raw Cookbook I am obsessing over right now. It is very simple, and gives just enough ingredients to get my own creativity going. This week I have been eating (96%) raw and have really enjoyed it!
Figured since there is so much different produce at the farmers market now that its spring, this is the ideal time to give it a fair shot. A lettuce leaf wrap for lunch (yum) but its my breakfast that I have been raving about. An apple and banana smoothed together with a table spoon of ground flax seed and some cinnamon tastes pretty amazing (and a lot like cooked oat meal). The cookbook claims that the less energy your body needs to digest its food the more energy you have for other things, and so far I have to agree, feeling good...but will definitely be cheating at SacMoFo tomorrow.

I leave you with a few things going into the store and hope you all enjoy your weekend.

April 20, 2011

i need dollars, dollars, dollars what i need

I am obsessed with the color blocking
by jcrew...

and these few from zara...

keep it classsy.