May 25, 2011

mean bank lady

The story goes like this: Eva set up a bank/teller windows in the living room while I was washing the dishes...

Eva: If you don't come check on your account I am going to take some of your money away!!!

Me: I am at work right now and I'll stop by the bank once I get off.

Eva: You're at work?! WHO is your boss?

Me: dishes...  Mr. Dish is my boss' name.

Eva: haha! Mr. Dish?! That's funny!!! Is that your job to stand around and tell jokes all day?

(this has been another installment of (bleep) my daughter says)

At one point I was hired as a teller and when Tessa came over to my 'window' to sit on my lap Eva looked over and said, "ummm...I can't let you work like that."


  1. Hahaha omg so cute! Also, I love your header! I totally laughed :)

  2. lolol! "you just stand around all day and say jokes"

  3. Eva also heads the HR department! Ha!

  4. We are dead fans of you and Alex. And we ABSOLUTELY can't wait for the shoot!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is to funny.... I know this is an old post. I just got around to reading your blog. Need more of the same. I love it..
    Was laughing my @55 off. Good job Olya.