August 2, 2011

skipping town

I wish all our days were like this (minus the fever Eva was running).  Skipped town, drank our weight in coffee, build sand castles, and took naps on the beach. 

Back in the real world, we've been busy busy busy, hence me being MIA over here.

A few things I am loving right now:

this has done wonders for my damaged locks.

my camera needs this.

reading some classics I have never read yet.

catching up on curb

having a iced coffee seriously everyday.


  1. aw i know the feeling. i love to look at my old vacation blog posts. next one - beach camping, eh? eh?

  2. It was so great meeting you today! But so strange because I was just looking at your blog this weekend, thinking how adorable you and your family are. I didn't put two and two together at the salon though... No wonder you looked so familiar!